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Aussie Plasterboard is among the leading plasterboard suppliers in Perth. Plasterboard is the most widely used wall and ceiling lining material in Australia.
Made in a continuous manufacturing process, plasterboard consists of a gypsum core encased in a heavy-duty paper liner.
Boral manufactures many types and sizes of plasterboard to suit a variety of applications.

Sheetrock Ceiling Board

 USG Boral’s newest re-engineered lightweight alternative to Unispan® Plasterboard.
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Sheetrock Standard 13mm

This gypsum plasterboard has a high strength-to-weight composite design encased in a strong 100% recycled paper liner.
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WETSTOP™ (formerly Wet Area Board™) is ideal as an internal lining used in wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, laundries and toilets.
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Soundstop® is specifically developed to help control room noise levels and improve living comfort in both residential and commercial environments.
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Firestop® must be used in partition wall and ceiling systems where specific fire-resistance ratings are required.
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multistop-4hi firewetstop
Fire Wetstop

FIRE WETSTOP™ (formerly Wet Area Firestop®) was developed specifically for use in wet area fire-rated partition systems.
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Multistop 3HI

Multistop™ 3 HI plasterboard is a multi-performance plasterboard with embedded fibreglass mesh backing to provide high resistance to both soft and hard body impacts.
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Multistop 4HI

Multistop™ 4 HI is suitable for projects requiring fire, impact, and sound and water resistance. It is an ideal solution for schools, hospitals or where a multi performing plasterboard is required.
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Fiberock (R)
Aqua-Tough (TM)

Install this versatile product in high-traffic areas and it will provide strength – as well as water and fire resistance.
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Shaftliner (TM)
Fibe Rated Plasterboard

Shaftliner™ panels are specially manufactured fire-stop plasterboard panels, developed for use in USG Boral Plasterboard Cavity Shaft Wall systems.
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Aussie Plasterboard is W.A’s leading supplier of Plasterboard and accessories. For over 20 years our highly trained staff have been providing an exceptional service to the Wall and Ceiling Industry.

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