Fibre Cement

Aussie Plasterboard stock a broad range of James Hardie fibre cement sheets and accessories. Whether you are lining a bathroom or building a commercial facade we will have a suitable product for the right application.

Internal Linings


Villaboard® lining

Designed for Bathrooms. A seamless flat, internal wall or ceiling lining that can be painted, wallpapered or partly/fully tiled to create a wide range of design looks.


Versilux® lining

Versilux® lining is a flat sheet with square edges for butt joints. Sanded smooth and pre-sealed, Versilux lining is a flat surface that is site-painted to create a panellised look.


HardieGroove™ lining

HardieGroove™ lining is a flat sheet that has vertical V-shaped grooves carved into its face. Sanded smooth, it’s site-painted to create the traditional look of tongue-and-groove timber panels.

Building Facade


ComTex® fixing system

A pre-primed panel that’s site-finished with a high-build acrylic texture system that incorporates both reinforced jointing and texture coating*. It’s used with the proprietary fixing system to create a complete commercial facade system that gives a monolithic, rendered look without the need for masonry.


ExoTec® building facade cladding

ExoTec® is a compressed fibre cement (CFC) facade panel. Known for its durability, the ExoTec panel is designed as part of an expressed-jointed system, its fully sealed, low-maintenance and being CFC it has a high impact resistance.

Scyon™ Axon™ cladding

Premium vertically grooved pre-primed panels.

A vertically grooved cladding panel that looks sharp and uniform. Pre-primed and easy to install, Scyon™ Axon™ cladding is a pristine look that lasts.

Suitable for modern design both internally and externally.

Scyon™ Axon™ cladding can be used in residential applications wherever a modern design is required, including external walls in composite construction, upper-storey and ground-level extensions, and internal feature walls.

Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding

A contemporary, panelised, external cladding system.

Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding is an exterior cladding system with a modern, contemporary geometric, expressed-joint look.

A modern and industrial design option for residential construction.

Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding can be used in residential developments such as free standing homes, town houses and terraces wherever a modern or industrial design is required, including external walls in composite construction, upper-storey and ground-level extensions and internal feature walls.

Scyon™ Stria™ cladding

An external cladding featuring a horizontal ship-lapped joint.

A range of cladding that features a horizontal ship-lapped joint. Pre-primed and easy to install, Stria™ cladding is the fast way to achieve a timeless and classic look that endures.

Delivers a diverse range of looks.

Scyon™ Stria™ cladding can be used in residential applications wherever a timeless, classic and enduring look is required, including external walls in composite or full wrap construction, upper-storey and ground-level extensions and internal feature walls.

Scyon™ Linea™ weatherboard

The premier Australian advanced cement composite weatherboard.

A 16mm thick horizontal weatherboard with deep shadow lines. It is the thickest weatherboard available. Highly durable, Scyon™ Linea™ weatherboard is the weatherboard that weathers well.

Front to back, ground to roof, inside and out, country to coast.

Scyon™ Linea™ weatherboard can be used in residential applications wherever a classic, contemporary or composite design is required, including external walls in composite construction, upper-storey and ground-level extensions, and internal feature walls.

HardieTex™ cladding system

A monolithic render, minus the masonry.

HardieTex™ cladding system, or blueboard, is a strong, pre-primed base sheet that is finished on-site with a specialised third party texture coat system,* which includes joint reinforcement. HardieTex™ blue board system is the original way to create a decorative, monolithic rendered look without the need for masonry.

Lightweight rendered option ideal for residential homes.

As an external cladding in residential homes, including alterations and additions, where a lightweight system with a monolithic rendered look is required. Ideal for full wrap or composite construction designs on either timber or light gauge steel framed homes.

Commercial Flooring


HardiePanel™ compressed sheet

HardiePanel™ compressed sheet is a compressed fibre cement (CFC) structural flooring substrate for ceramic tile finishes over timber or lightweight steel floor joists; it’s made from highly durable compressed fibre cement.

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